Eggs Donors

Information about eggs donors

Being the opposite of the surrogate mothers, the eggs donor give the 50% of genetic load to the future baby, that is why when is time to select, the agencies are such or even more careful, and they have a great amount of all type of profiles, such as multiracial combinations.

All the profiles of the egg donors include:

  1. Family medical history though 3 generations
  2. Obstetric history is necessary.
  3. Psychological evaluation
  4. Medical insurance resume
  5. All type of educative and vocational  reference. Personal interests, hobbies, and personal goals.
  6. Pictures of eggs donor and/or surrogate mother (in case of an artificial insemination IA) and her family.

The egg donors needs to approve psychosocial evaluation, complete and authorized psychological studies, medical tests and any other type of extraordinary control that the future parents think convenient. A lot of them nearly the most prefer to keep anonymity but to the opposite, the few that don’t do it don’t feel too comfortable meeting with the future parents.

The careful process selection of the egg donors on the behalf of the agencies that hire them will try to guarantee a high success at the moment of the egg stimulation that consists in inducing a multiple ovulation by means of hormonal medications.

Eggs Donors