Gay Surrogacy

Information about Gay Surrogacy.

We want to emphasize the important increase of pregnancies of surrogate mothers' ordered by gays. For that the surrogate mothers have stop being an exclusive option of couples with fertility problems, being placed to constitute an increasingly service used inside the gay international community, helping to be able to realize the dream of being parents and constituting a family in equality of conditions of a heterosexual couple.

The continuous exclusion of all the adoption programs or the long and endless waits, have led hundreds of gay couples to seek for solutions to turn them into parents, finding in subrogation the surest route to make real " a dream ", now possible thanks to the gestation by subrogation, and consequently to be biological parents.

As curious information according to the North American Academy of paediatrics, more than nine million 18-year-old minor children live with parents of the same sex. For more than one decade the gay community of The United States has contributed to a phenomenon called "Gay Baby Boom" increasingly near to Europe. This is helping to change the characteristics of the traditional family.

To date of today, they are hundreds of gay couples and individuals worldwide level that are formalizing contracts with surrogate mothers, which will give a strong push to change laws and rights with the creation of these new families. In Europe the phenomenon has just begun and in fact it is a practice that is increasingly spreading.

Overcome all kind of medical and psychological examinations we just need to wait for the day that will be undoubtedly the happiest of our lives.

Subrogation for Gays