Intended Parents

Intended Parents Information

There are a lot of couples who have surrendered to several treatments of fertility, treatments of assisted reproduction that have caused important emotional agitations to both spouses and a great financial load, without receiving the awaited result and without being able to have a child.
Multiple advances have been obtained in the assisted reproduction but sadly to date of today there is no solution for all the problems of infertility.

The surrogate mothers gives for the first time in the world, the opportunity to be a single father, independently of his sexual condition. Through this a man or a woman could form a single-parent family in equality of rights. with the cooperation of important professionals internationally recognized coordinates all type of gestation for the persons that requires it:

Egg donors
Surrogate mother that gives her eggs (Artificial insemination IA) and gests surrogating
Surrogate mother (in vitro Fertilization, FIV), they gests using a donor or the future biological mother
Sperm donor

We can provide three types of programs for surrogacy:

  1. Complete subrogation using artificial insemination (IA).
  2. Gestational subrogation using a donor eggs, in Vitro fertilization (FIV).
  3. Gestational subrogation using the biological mother’s eggs.


We put ourselves in the future parent’s skin regardless their sexual condition and their legal status (married, singles, gays, lesbians) we are willing to help with the different surrogacy programs step by step until we build a new family and get back to home starting a new life together.

Future Parents