New forms of parenting, surrogacy, a possiblity

Armando Correa, who is the director of a prestigious Hispanic magazine speaking about his experience of parenting.

 After Ricky Martin announced he had fathered by unconventional means and after the publication of countless photos where you see their children happy, now the Cristina show touches on the issue of surrogates and couples who have paid large sums of money by having a child. Do not miss this program on Monday December 21 at 10PM / Center for Univision.

Armando Correa and his experience: 

Armando Correa, editor of People magazine in Spanish, tells the story of how he became a father: "This woman surrogate and donated an egg. The baby was fertilized with my sperm, so this girl is biological and legally my daughter", said the proud dad as he introduced his daughter Emma. 

"Emma does not have a mother, she has two fathers and so we tell her." said excited Gonzalo Hernandez, Emma’s other father and Armando’s couple. 

“We have eight frozen embryos and ova donors told us that if we do not have more children, we must destroy them,” said Armando. It's not that like an abortion? Cristina asked. 

I am father and I can not give my daughter what a mother could," said Sebastian Exposito, a single father who paid two women to help him having his daughter. "The adoption of a child for a single dad or a gay couple is almost impossible." 

A couple could not conceive since four months before the wedding her uterus was removed: "The only way of having children was subrogation, and we did. Now, thanks to that woman we have a family." Said Lorraine and Victor Villalpando excited.  

Frank Pardo and Ricardo Joaquin are a couple legally married in the State of California, who claim that having used the services of a surrogate mother to have her triplets was wonderful: "One of my greatest sorrows of being gay, was not to be a father. I wanted to have a family and wanted to thank God for this medium could achieve, "said Frank.

 "You can create a perfect embryo in a lab, but that the embryo becomes a baby is only in God's hands," said Armando Correa, who is now expecting twins to come to the world through a woman who donated her eggs, and a surrogate mother.

Cristina presents a program rather than a scientific or moral, love and understanding.

Source: Cristina Show, Univision channel. 12/30/09 RELATED LINK

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Only use surrogacy as a last option

Sebastian Exposito, Catalan, has a company that is responsible for advising the Spanish who desire on the choices they have to get a surrogated mother in the  United States, a subject as complex as unknown.

What is good in subrogation?

It is important to emphasize that this is not a whim. Only uses subrogation as the last option for many people who want to have a child and have five years with treatment, and two or three waiting lists for adoption. Everyone has a story behind and in general tends to be very difficult, and throughout the process there are many fears. This is not easy.

It is illegal in Spain….

Absolutely. In fact, we just advise on how things works in the United States for anyone to surprised in the middle of the process.

How to make something legal that is not?

In the United States is legal, there is a valid contract and beyond doubt. A judge legalizes the scientific state that the child has adoptive parent and one arrives with her child is American by birth. You just have to deal with them in the civil register.

Who demands the services?

The profile is very broad ... usually heterosexual couples who have tried everything to have children who wait years and adoption, but for one man there is no choice, especially if we want it to be biologically theirs.

As Ricky Martin?

"Indeed. For single women, is the Baroness Thyssen.

It is something only for rich people?  

"Well, it's an expensive process. The least it can cost is 60,000 euros, but can reach an average of 100,000 or 120,000. It is something to consider ... but sometimes is a matter of priorities, decide how we spend money.

- Why is there so much variation of money?

"There are many factors that are involved: if you require a donation of sperm or ova, if the woman becomes pregnant in the first if the baby is born prematurely or needs some care the first few days ... even if you live far from the clinic, because you have to pay travel and accommodation ... The surrogate mothers were receiving only 25% of the total.

- Are there many scams if you do not know where she is?

"In the United States there are many intermediary agencies, and there is everything. One of the most commonly seen on the Internet is B-Coming, which is being investigated by the FBI and Spain has many detractors, people who have felt cheated.

- How many Spanish couples resort to this system?

"About 400 or 500 a year.

Source: La Voz de Galicia 03/08/09- RELATED LINK


Six couples reported a surrogacy agency for fraud

It is illegal in Spain, but legal in California

Six Spanish couples will report to U.S. courts to a surrogacy agency for fraud ... between 90,000 to $ 130,000 each and without a baby in  arms.

What is illegal in Spain and legal in California has made them all in an alleged scam, a disappointment that has led them to certain bankruptcy, others, many months of tears and a rage for organized revenge. "Finally I was able to bring all the couples to  the lawyer I hired  who lodged the complaint in U.S." Carol (false name as request), one of the Spanish who sought for descendant and hired a local attorney to prepare the demand with the victims here. His name is Dean Masserman and he has been in Barcelona and Madrid this week to finish outlining the legal complaint that will complete the Beverly Hills Police, the Los Angeles and the FBI, who initiated an investigation.

The target is set on Rosa Balcázar, director of Bcoming fertility treatments agency, located in Los Angeles. "Balcázar signed some contracts with couples committed to providing services and kept all the money without satisfying them," said Masserman. The lawyer is also leading eight other foreign couples and five professionals has also allegedly cheated -Bcoming’s director charged Spanish couples twice or more than its own fee.

"Their services cost were $ 50,000, but would charge between 90,000 and 130,000. The difference was for doctors, clinics or insurance companies, but she kept it all. In fact, one of these companies has denounced her. And she has now disappeared. "

Balcazar told “ El Mundo” newspaper a few weeks ago that couples were "angry" because the women recruited did not became pregnant. "They wanted me to return all the money, but it's impossible. I have to pay a lot in the process and it can not be recovered.

Couples allegedly cheated reveal that Balcazar offer's to dissolved the contract. "But we're not stupid. This means an award of $ 50,000 for her, who has only gave us delaid, problems and discussions," says Carol, the only one so far agrees to talk.

Examples of nuclear action happens. The partner of a surrogate mother tested positive for HIV, which, over the social stigma suffered by infected, "We should have been warned. In another case, Balcazar offered a couple six mothers and finished them off without explanation and several applicants suffered a break in the process of embryo transfer because the clinics said they had not received even a dollar.

The president of the National Association for infertility problems, Maria Jose Galindo also wants to join in the complaint. "Balcázar convinced us to recommend her agency and we did, until we discovered how she treated surrogate mothers and some couples. My experience was to see depressed, damaged and sick women that thier partners never knew. I saw no guarantees in the process .

And to that adventure / misadventure is what thousands of Spanish men and women stands to each year in countries where subrogation pregnancy is legal. In Spain the law prohibits a woman give her uterus to an infertile couple, to a gay duo, a barrier that some scientists and lawyers are calling for overthrow.

But until that day, -Health has no date for changing the law, the Spanish women who can not beget life in her womb by the uterus seeks in half of the world, risking  to experience processes such as these six couples, who ask about their confidentiality identities and geographic locations.

Source: Rafael J. Alvarez/Madrid - RELATED LINK

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